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I am passionate about the art of teaching.  


I currently teach at the college level, and private workshops.

My teaching career began teaching at the high school level at Crossroads School for the Arts in  Santa Monica, CA.

I now teach at  Indian Arts College, Santa Fe College, and 2 colleges in the state of Washington. 

I have taught at Central Michigan University, Roger Williams University, Front Range College, Columbia Basin College. I teach undergraduate and graduate level courses. 

As an instructor, I seek to guide students to observe “art” in the most mundane of circumstances and to teach them the skills to transform their sights, thoughts and ideas into visual works. 


I hope to encourage students to question what they think they already know about art. 


I strive to leave them with a positive experiences, the skills to experiment and light up the creative spark. 


If I have left an indelible  & positive impact upon them – If I made them think differently, If I have shown them all that I know from my years as an artist …..

– I have succeeded.

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